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We work with Covermore, QBE and AussieTravel who has over millions of satisfied policy holders benefitting from access to 24-hour emergency assistance. With a customer service team available seven days a week, both online and by phone, you have a reliable choice for all types of travel insurance. We can provide our customers with general advice about travel insurance, so you're fully informed about your options. We can explain what's covered and what isn't covered by your policy, and always assist our customers in choosing the right travel insurance according to their individual needs.

Our business is built around insight and a deep understanding of travel safety and insurance. We understand travel and the risks inside out, have a wealth of knowledge on how to travel safe and share our knowledge with our travellers. We believe that mutual respect brings rewards and we promote open, honest conversations at all times. We say what we mean and people can trust what we say. If you want to have a complete peace of mind while you're travelling, which is especially important then travel insurance is the perfect solution. We provide safety assistance and insurance to cover travellers before, during and after their travels. 

Talk to us about finding the right policy for you as comprehensive travel insurance is based on the type of cover you require, your age, destination, length of stay and pre-existing conditions. We provide a wide range of policies suited to your needs from leading insurance providers to bring you the best options and policies at very competitive rates. When you travelling it's important to take out travel insurance before you go so that you're protected, should anything happen. While most trips go as per plan, it's best to prepare for any unexpected incidents, such as lost baggage, cancellations, changing accommodation or paying for your medical treatment abroad.

To find out right travel insurance options and general advise, contact us today on 0431312666 and price beat guaranteed. 

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